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Friday, 17 April 2015

Those of you who know me, will also know my ongoing love / hate relationship with social media.
Along with most, I have dipped my toe into the usual...Myspace, Facebook, Instagram, Tumbler, Blogspot...

More often than not, I end up drenched in a sea of mindless, false interaction, succumbing to consumerism, a ferris wheel of highs and lows, struggling to get off.
It may sound slightly far fetched, it does to me.
Only I am keen to know who else has felt their lives are not good enough, compared to others you follow on Instagram or Blogspot?
Who feels like they don't have enough?
How many of you feel less than 'enough' for your family?
How many of you compare yourselves, your other half, your wonderful children? (who by the way, all love you unconditionally and think what you have and who you are, is just enough, just right, just perfect.)
Who has felt depressed, scrolling aimlessly through pictures of perfect lives and families, holidays and christmas'?...

A few months here and there, just long enough to get sucked in and feel like I am selling my soul. Like an addiction rearing its ugly head, reaching for my phone without a second thought...
Again I have reached my limits on Instagram going all out, deleting my profile.
It feels good. It feels freeing. I am present again. I am good enough. I am living my life the way it is meant to be, satisfied and happy with all we have. Our family. Our life.

In all honesty it took a few days, and on more than a few occasions I have found myself clicking the tab on my phone to see what health food bloggers or yummy mummies, are having for their tea!! Only to snap back to reality and laugh at this obscure happening that is deemed 'normal' in todays society.

Obviously I have taken a step back from blogging too. There will be less.
Hurrah for freedom!

NB: A little reminder, that those of us who use social media, use it to capture and share moments of our lives that we wish to remember....those would be the good times, right?
The parts that are beautiful, bits that we know will evoke great memories we will one day share with our children.
What you rarely see are the crying babies, mountain of washing, full sink, make up free faces, eye bags and unwashed hair.
Which are all present and correct in my household, I can assure you, but who wants to see that really?

Would any of you consider saying g'bye to IG / FB / Blogspot?
Or have your already done it?...

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

I have had a page on Facebook since the begining but haven't ever put anything on it !!!!! All I do is blog.
…..and, we have to realise that everyone is living an ordinary life and not the idealistic one that they portray on their blog, Facebook, Instragram, Pinterest etc etc etc !!!!!!
I still like blogging ….. it's like having lots of pen friends !!
Rest assured that, amongst your family, us Mumford's love you Amy !! XXXX

tales from a bungalow said...

Hi Jackie, thanks for your lovely reply.
Yes FB for me was the one I got most frustrated with!
Social Media is great for keeping and getting in touch with family and friends and for the majority of those who use it, don't have those 'issues' I described and get along with it just fine....I am easily frustrated!
I do love blogging too, and your blog.
I am not giving this up, just giving myself a break (which I often don't!).
And I love you Mumford's too!!!
See you in a few weeks, look forward to a good catch up xxxxx

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